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You can Master The Best PowerPoint Hacks to Save Hours Of Time & Effort, Build Stunning Presentations & Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Audience Without Banging Your Head Learning PowerPoint or Watching Thousands Of Boring Tutorials

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Here is what you are going to learn...

Innovative tools to create stunning slides

Use innovative tools to create effects that can help elevate the look and feel of your deck.

Tricks and tips that can save time

When it comes to presentations, we always have time crunch, right? Let’s learn some quick tricks that can help you save time when you have to turn around decks in short timeline. 

How to visualize your data to present it in the most impactful way

PowerPoint presentations are not about just dumping data on slides, its about telling your story visually by presenting your data in the most effective way. 

How to play with shapes and create your own shapes

We all know about the shapes that we have in PowerPoint but did you know that we can create our own shapes and play with layouts and templates .

Formatting & alignment that can help you create a neat look

One click command to align multiple elements and place them in an equidistant manner for a clean and formatted appearance.

Tricks to play with images for a visual experience

Learn how to remove backgrounds of images and extend backgrounds to create beautiful full picture slides. 

More than 11,000 students have called it the best way to learn Advanced PowerPoint

Become a Certified PowerPoint Expert

Yes! You will be certified by an PowerPoint Expert which brings a lot of credibility to your certificate & your resume.

Who is this workshop for?

Learning Advanced PowerPoint is not difficult at all. Being a PPT Expert helps you save hours of time, effort and helps you build stunning presentations in less than 10 minutes.

Corporate Professionals

☞ Corporate professionals are always crunched on time when it comes to making presentations, learn time saving hacks that can instantly help you uplift look and feel of your presentations and impress everyone in your conference rooms. 

Start Up Generation

☞ Be it an investors deck or a budget presentation, learn how to create impactful slides that help you get win pitches by creating impactful presentation decks 

University Student

☞ In these times, when we are all working/studying online, roles of presentation have changes drastically, each project that you are working on can be presented through an interesting and visually appealing approach using PowerPoint tools. 

Media Professionals

☞ Whether you are in advertising, events, pr or any other media job, presentations play a very important role in the media industry, you can create stunning slides by learning some super interesting tricks, hacks and tools. 

Job Seekers

☞ Learn the art of visual storytelling through PowerPoint that can equip you to work as a freelancer and work with clients across categories. 

Marketing Professionals

☞ When it comes to selling, nothing can help you more than an effective presentation that can create a visual experience for the client/customer/audience.

Know your mentor

Know your mentor

Hi, I’m Hardik Raja, Co-founder and COO at Skill Nation.
I’m also a presentation expert and your PowerPoint trainer for this workshop.

I help professionals and students like you create more effective presentations by learning the art of visual storytelling and innovate with various tools that PowerPoint has to offer.

Besides this, I’ve served as a Transaction Advisor at Radisson Consultancy LLP.

With 4 plus years of industry experience, I have created a niche in the presentation design space. I have worked with some of the best brands, empowered their teams, and given a visual direction to their ideas and goals.

In this workshop, I look forward to making you a PowerPoint PRO and helping you save hours of time and effort while working on your presentations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Workshop is on Sat, 13tht July at 7 PM

It is a completely LIVE Workshop 

Yes! It is a Skill Nation Certified Workshop.

No, it won’t be recorded.

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