Massive Wealth Accelerator: Inner Circle Live Program

Become a profitable stock trader, master personal finance & build massive wealth for your family & yourself, guaranteed.
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Program Structure Based On 4 Turbochargers

Turbocharger 1: 3 Month Live Coaching Program

Live learning sessions every week with Master Practitioners of Trading and Personal Finance to ease your trading and personal finance journey.

Turbocharger 2: Dedicated Expert Stock Trading Coach

Dedicated point of contact to not only solve all your queries but also help you become a profitable trader faster than ever before.

Turbocharger 3: Dedicated Personal Finance Mentor

Dedicated point of contact to help you with your personal finance problems and queries and handhold you into making sound personal finance decisions.

Turbocharger 4: Live Market Trading Support Every Day

Every day 9:15 am to 3:00 pm live trading support plus access to Saif Sir’s live trades. You will never feel alone and have constant support in your trading journey.
Stock Market Experts won't tell you this:
But there is a proven method to trade the markets profitably with a disciplined risk management approach.
Once you learn it step by step, your trading approach will never be the same again.
Hundreds of novice traders have gone through this structured program to become profitable traders and completely transform their lives.
Here are the results of our last batch students 👇

Now that you know our system works...
dive deeper into our curriculum.

Technical Analysis Strong Foundation

Complete Price Action Domination

Smart Money Volume Analysis

Trading Profitable Price Patterns

Leveraging Technical Analysis Indicators

Creating Automated Trading Systems

Risk Management & Position Sizing

Red Hot Sector Selection Strategy

Financial Planning For Your Dream Goals

Secrets Of Investing Like The Top 1%

Securing Your Family Prosperity & Well Being

Getting Control Over Your Loans & Taxes


That’s 70+ Stock Market Trading & Finance Secrets, 36 Hours of Live Learning, 24 Hours of Live Hand Holding & Mentoring & a total of 360+ hours of Live Market Trading from 9 AM to 3:30 PM together!

(₹10,00,000+ Value)

Plus you’ll also get the following exclusive perks:

Invest like an Ultra HNI

Get first hand access to investments made by Jatan Shah in his 69 Crore portfolio on a regular basis to learn & then make your own investment decisions.

Make Your Family Financially Literate
2 special Live Masterclass sessions for your spouse and children to make them financially literate.
Extra 6 Months Trading Support
Get weekly hot to trade setups which Saif Sir himself trades for 6 months post course completion
Get Trades Reviewed By Saif Sir
Get a chance to attend a trade audit session by Saif Sir every fortnight where he dissects past trades and performance
Lifetime Access Guarantee For All Recordings
Get lifetime access to all the course content and recordings for yourself as well as your family

IC Members Recovered Their Fees Within 3 Months

Who is this program for?

Working Professionals who want to build a 2nd Income Source along with their job to not be dependent on their salary

Anyone who wants to retire early with a big portfolio to their name that can take care of themselves & their family

Already retired professionals looking to make money from the Stock Market

Already retired professionals looking to make money from the Stock Market

Home makers wanting to generate an income while they manage their family commitments

Anyone who needs a mentor to guide & handhold them through their Stock Market journey

Meet Your Coaches

(CFA Charter Holder | NISM Certified | Full Time Trader)

Hi, I am Saif Thobani, a full-time professional trader with over 10 years of trading experience. I help aspiring traders and professionals master technical analysis and trading skills with ease.

I have trained and mentored over 50,000 students in technical analysis and trading, leveraging my extensive experience as a trader, teacher and professional experience in the finance industry. My teaching journey includes roles as a faculty member at NM College, Mumbai, and NSE Academy, where I imparted knowledge to the next generation of finance professionals.

Before dedicating myself to full-time trading and mentoring, I served as the Head of Technical Analysis at Supreme Capital, where I developed effective trading strategies. Additionally, my experience as a Risk Analyst at KPMG provided me with a strong foundation in financial risk management and analysis.

My mission is to empower individuals with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the dynamic world of trading.

Zeal Doshi
(Certified Financial Planner - CFP | Wealth Manager)

Hi, I am Zeal Doshi, a Certified Financial Planner with over 5 years of experience in financial planning and wealth management. I help individuals and families achieve their financial goals with ease through comprehensive planning and personalized advice.

I am the founder of Zenith Finserv, where we manage the complete insurance and investment requirements for over 40 families. My goal is to provide holistic financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

In addition to my professional practice, I have taught more than 1,000 students in various finance and investment courses, sharing my knowledge and expertise to help them build a secure financial future. 

My mission is to empower people with the skills and confidence needed to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term financial success.

Backed by our Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Become a Profitable Stock Trader in 6 Months Along With Your Job

Master Personal Finance to create wealth for your family & you

You will be 100% satisfied with your learnings & our mentorship


Get 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Learn from an institution, you can trust.
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You'll also be joining an active community of 1,720 Traders & Finance Experts..

Get instant feedback & support, join live Q&As with experts, chat with Saif Sir, Jatan Sir & Zeel Ma’am, and trade together to make money together.

Easy No-Cost EMIs at just Rs 8,805 (Incl. GST)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course live or pre-recorded?
This is a completely live online course. You will also get recordings of all the learning sessions.
How long do I have access to the recordings?
You will have access to the recordings for 1 year. However if are eligible for the bonuses, then you will get lifetime access to the recordings.
How many sessions do I need to attend weekly?
Every week you will have a 3 hour learning session with the lead faculty and a 2 hour mentoring session with your personal coach. Also every fortnight you will be attending a 2 hour Audit session if you are eligible for the bonuses.
How much time do I need to give to this course?
Your learning sessions every week 5 hours [3 hours leaning session + 2 hour mentoring session]. Additionally you will have to give another 3-4 hours for applying what you learn.
What is the difference between learning sessions and mentoring sessions?

Mentoring session is taken by the lead trainer for the entire batch. Purpose of this session is to teach you new concepts and tools.
Mentoring session is taken by your personal coach for a small cohort of 20-25 students. The purpose of this session is solve your queries and make you practice whatever you have learned in the learning session. 

How much capital do I need to apply my learnings from this course?
Your trading capital depends on your networth, income and risk taking ability. Hence there is no course level limit on trading capital
Are 8 weeks enough to learn trading from scratch?
Each student learns at their own pace. But our support extends to much more the 12 weeks of the couse schedule.
Will you help me in opening trading/demat account?
Helping you with opening a new trading/ demat account is not part of the course. However we will suggest good brokers from our experience and you may choose whichever broker you want.
Will the automation section contain coding?
No. The automation section coverd non coding tools and services to automate your trading research
Do I need to buy any tools separately for the course?
All the tools taught in the course have a free version where you practice whatever is taught. No additional subscription is required.